Women Writers of the Mining Community (5)

For our 5th and final blog this week, we have ‘From A Rock to a Hard Place: Memories of the 1984/85 Miners’ Strike’ by Beverley Trounce. This leads us nicely into our final theme, centred around women’s involvement in the strike, and their role in the community and on the picket lines.

‘Beverley Trounce, who worked in a pit village and whose father was a miner, has interviewed a number of the people directly affected by the strike. Her research and contributions from ex-miner and activist Charlie Cibor cover the pickets, the collieries, the matter of simple survival through the extreme and grinding poverty of the time, the effects on the women and children involved and the wider community, as well as the aftermath and what its legacy means to people today.’ (source)

Are there any other works by women writers, on the topic of mining that come to mind? Any recommendations? 

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  1. Bev Trounce

    ‘Anne & Betty: United by the Struggle’ by Anne Scargill and Betty Cook
    ‘Queen Coal: Women of the Miners’ Strike’ by Triona Holden
    ‘Counting the Cost’ by Jackie Keating
    ‘How Black Were Our Valleys’ by Deborah Price & Natalie Thompson (the strike in Wales)