Welcome to The Nottinghamshire Mining Museum

We are the Nottinghamshire Mining Museum. A people’s museum remembering and celebrating the working, social, leisure and family lives of Nottinghamshire coalminers. The experiences and the struggles of the people of the Nottinghamshire coalfield in building, defending and preserving their way of life are central to what we do. 

We mined the coal beneath Nottinghamshire that powered our industries and kept our people warm. Sometimes we had to stand up and resist those who tried to close our mines down and destroy our communities.

Our museum is a record of the stories of these struggles together with a celebration of the unique culture of our Nottinghamshire coal mining community.

We  are proud of our Nottinghamshire mining heritage and we intend to keep it alive!

Here you will be able to explore our collections and keep up to date with our news and events.

We also have a Facebook page where we welcome your comments on our articles and posts as we believe we create the history of the Nottinghamshire coalfield together.

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News & Events

Unfortunately, due to Covid, we are closed to the general public and have had to cancel our exhibition ‘Bands and Banners’.  We look forward to being able to open soon and share our memories and artefacts with you. In the meantime, please take a look at our past exhibitions.


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The Nottinghamshire Mining Museum will be engaging in education programmes run for schools covering the history of mining, the effects of the mining industry on communities and also practical workshops. Further details will be posted online soon.