About The Donations

About Donations

Shining A Light is a long-term project which will take several years to achieve its twins goals of creating a permanent memorial and providing resources for local schools to teach the area’s mining history.
All money donated to Shining A Light will be used towards the cost of achieving these goals. This includes obvious costs for the design and casting of the statue as well production of teaching resources. However, while the project is largely run by volunteers using buildings and equipment gifted by Nottinghamshire Mining Museum, councils and other organisations, there are some professional services we need to hire as well as bank and credit card fees and other unavoidable administration costs.
In the event that our primary fundraising goals are not achieved or the statue cannot be built for whatever reasons, the charity will use the money to further other educational and commemorative projects in accordance with best practices laid out by the Charity Commission.
Regardless of circumstances, 100% of donations to Shining A Light will be used to ensure the sacrifices and work by 300 years of Nottinghamshire’s miners and their families is recognised and passed on to future generations.

Nottinghamshire Mining Museum

Nottinghamshire Mining Museum is a registered charity run by volunteers, Charity No. 1183126. It’s funding is entirely separate from Shining The Light.