Welcome to our month long theme, of women’s involvement in the mining industry and wider community!

This month, we will share with you all some stories, information and recommendations, (all) related to this specific theme and join worldwide celebrations of women’s history.

Before outlining the following weeks, I just want to give a massive shout-out to the women of the Mining Museum team, who put their heart and minds (come week 4, you will understand this pun!) into the museum, to do their bit in preserving our important local history for generations to come. None of the work we all do here, would be possible without your input, influence and time. You can ‘meet’ some of our NMM women here.

Week 1 – 2

  • A brief history of ‘her story’. Women as workers, through the centuries. This will be a more informative couple of weeks, aided with resources and research – lots of pics and some interesting facts. So, if you’re more of a history buff – this one is for you! 

Week 3

  • Women writers! On the third week, we will be recommending some literary works by women writers, focused on the topic of women and mining. So, stay tuned.

Week 4

  • Our third and final category is women in the 1984-85 strike. Given that this is relatively recent history, we have some first hand accounts to share and will be focusing on some of the local Women’s Action Groups in the Notts area, as well as specific roles undertaken by women within the community at the time.


So, there you have it… A whistle-stop tour of our theme on women & the mining community, brought to you with solidarity and pride. 

We do hope that you find this content as interesting as we do, as we feel it is very important to honour the plight of working-class women and their contribution to our local history.


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  1. Really excited to learn all about your work and women’s roles.
    I’m part of Nottingham Women’s History Group and will be delighted to share your work

    • Phoebe Cox

      Hi there, we are excited to be able to deliver this theme and use our platform to share stories, pics and information regarding women’s involvement throughout history. Women played a huge role in the mining community and we hope to honour and bring light to that. Thank you for the kind words.