Remembrance Day 2020

On this Remembrance Day, we would like to also remember the Nottinghamshire miners, who had to fight for the right to fight for their country during World War 2.

The Ex and Retired Miner’s Association successfully campaigned a couple of years back to have the contribution made by the miners towards the war effort recognised.

Mineworkers were required to serve their country in the dangerous and vital work of keeping coal supplies flowing during the war. They were denied the opportunity to fight for their country and many of them felt this deeply. Some tried to join up and were denied the opportunity. At least one young surface worker at Newstead Colliery who applied to join the Navy was imprisoned and on his release was required to begin work as a collier. There will be others we do not know about.

Brian Walker wrote an article, which tells the story of Sid Page, the Newstead lad who wanted to join the Navy, who was sacked, sent to prison and whose struggle for the right to join up placed him at the centre of a strike which brought the Nottinghamshire coalfield to a standstill.

Whilst Sid Page thankfully survived the war, his experiences highlight the “patriotic” pressures that men in reserved occupations faced.

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