Out to grass

What Came Next

We all know what came next!  Pits closed; machinery and men all thrown on the scrap heap – or down a closed mine.

BUT, we’ve still got our memories and we still have a passion for passing on our ‘coal mining communal black gold’ to future generations.

These are just two examples of what came next.  You will have your own memories and may want to share them with us on this site.

British Railways Class 04 0-6-0DM No. D2284 Diesel locomotive, ex Grimethorpe and Woolley Collieries.  Photo courtesy of the National Coal Mining Museum

Collections | National Coal Mining Museum for England (ncm-collection.org.uk)


The next memory is from a Berry Hill, Mansfield, Gala of 1966.  Did you, or your children ever take a ride on what looks like a former Paddy Train?

1966 Miners Gala, Berry Hill, Mansfield.  Photo courtesy of Mansfield Chad

We are the Nottinghamshire Mining Museum and we are committed to preserving and passing on these memories.  We are closed at the moment and so we are developing our website until we are open again.

Our current ‘home’ is the East Unit of Mansfield Railway Station.  Come and see us when Covid allows!!

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