Women Writers of the Mining Community (2)

Today’s blog is about the book ‘Shifting Horizons’ by Lynn Beaton.

You can actually read Beaton’s book here in a PDF format. 


(From this introduction, Beaton sums up her reasons for writing the book.)

My final regret is that I couldn’t have written a book about the whole of the Blidworth striking community. Every one of them made a deep and lasting impression on me and every one of them earned my undying respect and admiration, but more, every one of them will live with me as a dear friend for the rest of my life. To the women, men and kids of that community how can I every say thank-you for allowing me to share your lives and for giving me your friendship. I have to say that although my life has seen many rich moments there is not another six months that compare with the six I spent in Blidworth.

Lynn Beaton


Shifting Horizons follows the lives and friendship of two best friends, Doreen and Pauline. It is a novel surrounding women’s involvement in the Miners’ Strike of 1984-85. They are the wives of striking miners. Doreen and Pauline are shown to fight against pit closures. The narrative is centred around both women, their struggle and solidarity.

Any fond memories of Blidworth to share? Do you know a Doreen and Pauline, like the women of the book? 

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