“I have led many visits over the years but this has definitely been one of the best”


Eric Eaton, Chair of the Nottinghamshire Mining Museum said:

“We were very proud to read these comments made by a teacher after a visit to our Museum with a class of pupils. “

These are other comments from the latest feedback we received from Teachers (prior to lockdown)

“I thought this might interest you. Five weeks after our history unit on the miners I asked the children what they could remember. Without any help from me, they filled the whole of my whiteboard and could have kept going and going. Please pass on my thanks to Alan at the NUM again. He really brought the learning to life and helped to make lasting memories for our children.”


One of our volunteers helping our visitors to take part in our Virtual Reality mining experience


So what do teachers get out of a visit to our Museum?  This is what we’ve been told by them:


* An opportunity to some to share their own mining heritage – we are always eager to listen!

* Coverage of a number of areas of the curriculum- speaking and listening, our local environment, creative arts.

*  Activities that will be suited to a range of learning styles

Enjoying a visit, talking to our volunteer ex miners and trying on our mining gear!


* Excellent child:adult ratios

* Informed volunteers who bring to life their lived experience in a meaningful way

*  Genuine artefacts that can be handled


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