Christmas in the Coalfields in the 1950s and 1960s


As our final Mining Blog of the year we are taking a trip down memory lane to Christmas Parties of the 1950s , with a special call out to the mining folk of Hucknall and surrounding areas.  Lots of names here, see if you can recognise yourself or someone you know!

This is our last Mining Blog of 2021.  Nottinghamshire Mining Museum is asking you to stay safe.  Let’s take care of each other as we so often did in our coalfield communities.  Please have a safe and Happy Christmas and here’s hoping to a healthier 2022. 

These photographs are from Coal News, courtesy of the National Mining Museum.  Our other post shows how generous our mining communities were and how we looked after our own:

Welfare Christmas Parties, Newark Advertiser, 1961


Hucknall Christmas Party Coal News 1956

Hucknall Children’s Christmas Party Coal News 1958

Hucknall Children’s Christmas Party Coal News 1959








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