Why do we want to set up a Nottinghamshire Mining Museum?

  1. To preserve for future generations the industrial archaeology of coal mining in Nottinghamshire and the surrounding counties and present this in a dynamic way for the benefit of the local community.
  2. To make a positive contribution to our community’s pride in its industrial heritage and to contribute to the ongoing process of community renewal.
  3. We believe there is a keen interest in preserving our coal mining heritage. Last year, footfall at the National Mining Museum was over 138,000 and the Big Pit in Wales had over 150,000 visitors.
  4. At our “Pop Up” museum at Mansfield Railway Station in 2019 over one thousand people visited the Brian Morley exhibition, a tremendous achievement, proving there is a need for a permanent Mining Museum situated in Mansfield.
    Preliminary research with local shopkeepers in the centre of Mansfield has confirmed support for a mining museum in Mansfield.