Nottinghamshire Mining Museum

The coalminers of Nottinghamshire mined the coal that powered the county’s industries and kept the people of Nottinghamshire warm”. Our museum is not about kings and queens, castles or barons, lords, ladies, dancing and banquets in great houses. It is about the coalminers of Nottinghamshire. Our Museum is about the people, their mining lives, stories, jokes, laughter and heartbreak.

Our Museum:

Our museum combines a traditional museum experience which describes and illustrates coal mining and a coal miner’s working life, through artefact displays and descriptions, written, oral, visual and digital;

Our Museum provides a hands on ‘learning experience’; lots of visitor interaction with artefacts and displays in a safe environment;

Our Museum offers a virtual reality experience for children and adults, using a combination of surround sound and video together with the use of virtual reality goggles to give visitors a unique ‘virtual’ coal mining experience;

Our Museum illustrates key aspects of Nottinghamshire mining community life through the use of archive material; oral, visual and digital;

Our Museum creates partnerships with other community, arts, theatre and heritage groups to promote our community’s pride in its coal mining history.