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On April 2nd, miners at Thoresby pit near Edwinstowe, and at Kellingley in Yorkshire were served notice of a 45 day consultation period ahead of compulsory redundancies.
If the government fails to act in that time, at the end of these 45 days at least a third of the miners at Thoresby will be laid off, as the pit starts winding down.
For the sake of the 600+ jobs at Thoresby (and hundreds more at Kellingley too), for the local economy which services Thoresby and its workers, and for the sake of our energy security, the Government must act now to save our national coal industry.

We call on the government to;
1. Ensure any ‘rescue package’ does not force closure in 18 months, ending all options for alternative investment
2. Clarify new European Commission advice about state aid, and consider using the fast track process to give Thoresby time to work the remaining seams
3. Use a fraction of the £700 million the Government received from the Miners’ Pension Fund surplus in February 2014 to invest in a long term future for the British coal industry

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