Museum’s Aims

  1. To collect and preserve Nottinghamshire coal mining artefacts
  2. To share these, in educative, informative and creative formats with adults and children from the former Nottinghamshire and neighbouring coalfield communities
  3. To inspire pride in Nottinghamshire’s coalmining heritage and the traditions of community, fellowship and solidarity that thrived in mining communities, through innovative partnerships with a wide spectrum of community, arts, theatre and heritage groups.

Our Museum’s purpose summed up.

To recreate and share with visitors, the unique experience of a coalminer’s working life; illustrating its dangers and hardships and the importance of team work, community and solidarity in such a dangerous environment. To preserve and pass on to future generations the pride felt by coalmining communities in these unique aspects of their life.

What we will do, who for and why will it be different?

Our museum is bringing Nottinghamshire’s coal mining heritage to life for children and adults through:

  • A traditional educational and informative museum experience
  • Hands on learning experiences
  • Virtual reality opportunitie

We believe this experience will attract visitors from Nottinghamshire, other coal mining areas, and even visitors from overseas.