THE NHS – The Gift Our Grandparents Gave Us 65 Years Ago

Our Message To The Tory Coalition – Hands Off It!

What Are We Most Proud Of?

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Our NHS meets our needs, and we do not have to worry about whether we can pay for it.

Before the NHS people could not afford to go to the doctor or get medicine. In the USA, where they rely only on privatised medicine, 40% of the population cannot afford health insurance and are scared to death of falling ill.

The UK spends 9% of national income on health, and the USA 18%, twice as much for worse health. Cameron says we cannot afford the NHS, but we cannot afford not to have it.

Changes backed by the European Union are making it easier for private health companies to take over our NHS.

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What Can You Do?

David Cameron and the Tory led Coalition are trying to turn the clock back and completely privatise our NHS. Since Jeremy Hunt has been Health Secretary, over 84 lucrative NHS contracts have been put out to tender, amounting to more than £5.6 billion pounds.

We All Need To Make Our Views Heard

Do not vote for any candidate at the next general election who does not support repealing the 2012 Health and Social Care Act.

Write to the candidates with your views, including your MEP (Member of the European Parliament) as the EU is making it easier to privatise the NHS.
Write to your local paper.
Ask friends and family to do the same.Join ‘Keep our NHS Public’ (£10 waged – £5 unwaged) – they have badges – see above and T-Shirts, leaflets and will keep you informed
Sign petitions and attend public meetings about the NHS

Jane Bramley and Ann Donlan